Retail Sales

Evergreen Natural Foods Market, The
Job Description
The position requires someone whose lifestyle reflects the very foundation of a natural food store. A knowledge of supplements is very helpful. If you have personal experience with supplements and willing to learn that is also good. The employee must be able to take on a variety of responsibilities which includes sales, product inventory and ordering, checking in and placement of products, a little housekeeping, and if there is an interest and talent, some marketing and display work . An important component is the willingness to engage with customers in a way that projects a sincere effort to help. Customer service is very important. We also look for compatibility and kindness towards the other employees. We work very closely with each other and depend on each other to contribute and support a friendly and caring atmosphere. We feel this is projected beyond the work space to the entire store. The position is 30-40 hours a week, although, there is some flexibility. This position we are looking to fill could develop into a management position if the the employee is willing and able to take on more responsibilities. The additional responsibilities could include scheduling, payroll, payouts, banking, and the overall daily running of the store. This could happen after a period of time that allows everyone concerned to assess and evaluate their positions.
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